Schezwan Chicken Franks

Schezwan Chutney is a blend of red chillies and ginger-garlic with Schezwan pepper and Chinese spices. This super versatile Chutney can be relished in three different ways: Dip, Spread or Cook. If you don’t find Chings Schezwan Chutney, then, you could use any Schezwan Sauce or Chutney available. However, you would need taste the Schezwan sauce and add it accordingly as per your taste buds.


During my recent stay with Stanley, my cousin brother, family in Mumbai, The first time I came across this dish, was when Sydelle, my 12 years old niece, came with a plate of chicken franks tossed in Schezwan chutney and offered to share with her. “Doreen Timana (Konkani word for Father’s Sister) you gotta try this.” I took a bite of it and loved it, but having an extremely mild spicy palate when I first ate it, I began to sweat a bit. Sydelle looked at me in astonishment and began to giggle while she continued to enjoy the Schezwan franks. I looked around and saw Sarah, my 6 years old niece, and Sean, my 3 years old nephew, enjoying plain fried chicken franks with the Schezwan chutney as their dipping sauce.

During the Diwali holidays, I went to stay at Regina, my cousin sister, home.  One evening, Adrian, my 6 years old nephew and Kiara, my 3 years old niece, came with a plate of the Schezwan tossed chicken franks and said “Doreen Mausu (Konkani word for mother sister) this is for you.”  This time I enjoyed it, without breaking a sweat, because, by then I developed a spicy palate after eating my aunt and sis in law spicy food.

I dedicate this recipe to my darling nieces and nephews who touched my life very dearly and who enjoy eating this as one of their favorite evening snacks.



1 packet of Chicken Franks

2 tbsp. Schezwan Chutney

1 tbsp.  oil


Cut the chicken franks into 1 inch size.  If you have small sausages then it’s not required to cut them. I used spicy chicken franks for this recipe you could use whichever franks or sausages are available.

Heat oil in the pan and fry the sausages for a minute or two. Then add the Schezwan chutney to the fried franks and toss it. Heat it for an additional 30 sec and it’s ready to eat!!

Tip: You can add an extra tbsp. of chutney if you love it spicy especially if considering this as a drunk munchies.


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