Bolo de Bolacha Maria – (Portuguese No Bake Marie Biscuit Cake)

Bolo de Bolacha is biscuit cake in Portuguese. This is a Tea biscuit cake layered with butter cream. You could say its similar to an icebox cake. This dessert is mainly made in Portugal during the summer season as it is fresh, easy and mostly adored by kids. This was the first cake that I ever made at the age of 12. I first learnt about this cake, when I was schooling in Goa. It was given by my French teacher ‘Miss Lucilia Gonsalves’. The recipe sounded so simple and easy that I had to give it a try. Well! as it turned out, it was really good and has become a family favorite ever since.

When I was in Mumbai I enjoyed making this cake with my nieces, 12 years old and 9years old. They enjoyed making it as well as eating it, so I would definitely say it’s a kid friendly cake.



225gms of Marie biscuits (Tea biscuit)

200gms salted butter (room temperature)

100gms super fine sugar or powdered sugar

1 tbsp instant espresso or coffee dissolved in a cup of hot water


Make the coffee and leave to cool until lukewarm. This is important or the biscuits will fall apart too quickly.
Tip: You could substitute coffee with 2 tbsp. of cocoa powder mixed with a cup of hot water

In a bowl, cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy.


With the liquid in a bowl dunk the biscuit very quickly, you don’t want lots of residual liquid as it’ll make the butter layer difficult.


Place the biscuit on the plate, dip the next and place it next to it. I did mine in a circle of 6 with a center biscuit, but you could do in pairs in a row or however you fancy. Do this until you have one layer of biscuits.

Using a palette or butter knife carefully spread a thin layer of the butter mixture over the biscuits making sure to go to the edges.


Continue to alternate layers of soaked biscuit and buttercream. Don’t worry if few gets disintegrated a bit, you’ll get better at it.

To finish a good slathering on the top and sides.
Tip: For the covering of the cake I added 15gm of melted bitter- sweet chocolate and folded it into the buttercream. You could also use 2-3 tbsp. of unsweetened cocoa powder.


Garnish with crushed tea biscuit powder and sprinkle with M&Ms Chocolate candies or you can decorate with candies that you or your kids like.


Cover with a tin or bowl and place in the fridge for at least 2-3 hours or overnight for best results.

Eat chilled.


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